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Suzy Spafford
Suzy Spafford Headshot 11.jpg

Suzy Spafford Lidstrom was born in Toledo, Ohio. Suzy is married to Ray Lidstrom and together they have a combined family of 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren. Suzy has lived in the San Diego area since she was 2 years old. She attended local schools, and graduated from San Diego State College in 1967 where she earned a secondary teaching credential. She taught art at Point Loma High for one year –1968-1969--before the demands of her new business took over. 


Suzy is the creator of Suzy’s Zoo, a colorful and whimsical line of animal characters seen on greeting cards and a wide range of related paper products.She started her business in 1968 with 8 designs of boxed notes. She was discovered by Bill Murr, an entrepreneur from the Bay Area who met her and saw her display at an art mart in La Jolla. He instantly liked what he saw in her whimsical work, and thought it should be reproduced. This was back when greeting cards were the primary form of social expression in America. Suzy and Mr. Murr formed a business arrangement. Responding to the positive reaction and many requests from reps, gift and card stores, and fans from all over, over time Suzy grew her line into the beloved range of characters you know as Suzy Ducken, Jack Quacker, Corky Turtle, Ollie Marmot, and all their many friends and relations. Suzy continues with her artwork, and now, her Suzy’s Zoo characters can be seen in the 33-episode animated series, “Adventures in Duckport.” 

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