San Diego
Urban Art Coalition

The San Diego Urban Art Coalition is a community group dedicated to the preservation, access and appreciation of art in all its forms. We are advocates for the growing respect and appreciation of graffiti art and its role in shaping San Diego culture. Our mission is to distinguish between the artistic expression of graffiti art, as is found at the 163 underpass in Mission Valley, and its criminal opposite. We believe the San Diego community at large would benefit from the protection of the site and advocate for free and public access to use the walls for artistic purposes.

Contact us today for ways you can assist or consider making a donation.


Our dedicated team - We are committed to making the Art Park a reality!

Top to Bottom (L-R):

Linda Sheridan

Mason Herron

Tracy Thalo

Russell York

Holly Hitchcock

Beneath the 163...

You can make a difference for San Diego's youth! Drop us a note and connect.


4025 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 347

San Diego, CA 92108

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