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Graffiti Art Installed at the District Attorney’s Office

A milestone in the appreciation for vibrant urban art was achieved this week with the installment of graffiti art at the DA’s office

San Diego, C.A. (Jan. 23, 2019)

The San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance (SDCAA) today announced the installation of a three panel, 15-foot graffiti art display at the District Attorney’s Juvenile Division Offices located in the Juvenile Court House. Painted by Jose Venegas, a resident artist of the SDCAA, the piece depicts the historical lineage of typography and the inheritance that has inspired lettering art in graffiti.

The District Attorney’s office commissioned the piece as part of its ongoing efforts to build bridges with the community and promote innovative programs like “Graffiti Hurts” that steer youth away from the juvenile justice system. Achieving recognition for the validity of graffiti as an art form is part of the mission of SDCAA.

“We’re thrilled to have this piece in our public office space where it can inspire young people and serve as a visual reminder that we’re committed to keeping youth out of the justice system and provide positive outlets for creative expression,” said District Attorney Summer Stephan.

“The Juvenile Court is a powerful place for this piece to hang,” said Linda Sheridan, founder and CEO of SDCAA. “Children in challenging situations turn to graffiti to express themselves and often break the law in doing so. We are here to help redirect that expression into legal works of art. There are more tools in the tool box than a hammer, and art is one of them.”

The piece speaks to the power of graffiti art. Mr. Venegas described the work saying, “The progression of typography styles in the United States from the Declaration of Independence to the iconic font of the New York Times newspaper, and eventually to the side of subway trains in New York City is the story of letters! This painting represents the bridge that connects the transition of script lettering to graffiti writing as an art form.”


The mission of San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance (SDCAA) is to educate, empower and inspire youth through the arts while driving awareness of graffiti, or ‘street’ art, as a resource to redirect troubled youth. Our mural programs give voice to the community and the spirit of its values. SDCAA takes the creative talent that is driven to acts of graffiti vandalism and redirects that energy into something sustainable and beneficial to the community as well as their individual lives. For more information, please visit

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