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Mural Arts Program 

Once the students complete the Diversionary Graffiti Education© , they are able to participate in a mural crew where they are taught, mentored, and given guidance by our art team. Our Mural Arts Program includes:

  • Wall Registry

  • Artist Registry

  • Muralists in Training

  • Mural Making

  • Design Mural Programs for Communities & Business Districts


Our Mural Arts Program is a series of public art and community outreach projects that intend to transform communities, individuals, and institutions by improving the civic and cultural landscape. Ultimately, it is a collaboration between the artist and the community in which it is created.

Our process empowers artists to be agents of change, stimulate dialogue about critical issues, and build bridges of connection and understanding. 

​Our murals celebrate the roots of diverse cultures and capture San Diego's history. Walls that were once empty or filled with graffiti, become works of art that belong to all of us.

Sake, "Shopper," 2016, Mission Valley Mall

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