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Linda Sheridan, Founder/CEO

San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance

Linda Sheridan, CEO_Founder

Linda Sheridan is the CEO and Founder of San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance (SDCAA), a community-driven, non-profit organization that educates, empowers, and inspires youth through the power of art.


Linda has over 30 years of experience in advocacy, fundraising, community management, and creative strategy in the public and private sectors. Author of “Only in America,” detailing the astonishing legacy of Senator Wadie P. Deddah, she has long experienced elected officials and their influence on the communities they serve. Linda specializes in bringing organizations from various industries together to generate collaborative solutions and develop programs with long-term, community-wide impact.

An accomplished change agent, Linda recognizes that educating youth and community is crucial in order to mitigate graffiti vandalism and tagging. Her background, expertise, and heart are the drivers to better the lives of youth and the aesthetics of the neighborhoods they occupy through the Alliance’s diversionary programs.


Linda’s ability to lobby for change successfully landed the first purchased public artwork in San Diego, "Night Visions," by Roberto Salas, which had previously been vetoed by the previous two agencies. As Project Manager for the Martin Luther King Mural Project, located on San Diego’s 94 Freeway, Linda guided the painting to completion after 13 years of unsuccessful attempts.


Prior to SDCAA, Linda was Co-chair for Chicano Park and Murals Committee, Project Manager for Martin Luther King Mural Project, Executive Director of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, and President of Sheridan & Associates. Her past clients include ARCO Products Company, Texaco, Inc., Carl Karcher Enterprises, City of Hope, and Colorado Photographic Arts Center.

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