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Graffiti & Arts Education 

Instead of engaging in criminal activities,  we can teach the youth to:

  • ​Be an artist

  • ​Be an entrepreneur

  • Be an innovator


The Alliance has expanded its activities! We started painting surfboards in Encinitas and Rosarito Beach with the Boys and Girls Club.  Another positive alternative to vandalism.

Our students love the program: 
“Now that I have signed the pledge to not vandalize anymore does this mean that if I get caught for anything I will get kicked out of the program? I don’t want to be kicked out of the program.”

11-16- 2016, RBVHS, Tony Preciado

The Alliance has developed a curriculum in partnership with San Diego City Police, the Probation Department, the District Attorney's Office, and the San Diego Unified School District. The 8-week classes target youth and are tailored to cover Prevention, Intervention, and Diversion. These classes are taught in the San Diego Unified School District, ALBA School, and Diversionary classes under the supervision of the Probation Department. 

Each class is taught by our passionate team of artists that want to share their knowledge and make a meaningful difference. The courses take the students through art history, mural marking, drawing, composition, and more. 

We know that art heals and can save lives. We are reaching out to the troubled youth and are molding them to  become the positive change in our region. Join us in making a difference in our community. 

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