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Diversionary Program

​The Diversionary Graffiti Education© program is designed to provide early intervention to deter juvenile offenders from further involvement in the justice system. By going directly to the youth and acknowledging their need to make themselves heard through graffiti, we can make a greater impact on our city's growing vandalism problem.

The most effective way to overcome graffiti vandalism is to be preventative, rather than reactive. Document, paint, punish is not enough. Our greatest tools are people who care, education, and art. 

Juveniles arrested for non-violent crimes may be given the opportunity to participate in our Graffiti Arts curriculum that is throughout the San Diego School system. In addition to preventing juveniles from committing criminal offenses in their communities, this program will reduce the costs that are associated with the prosecution of the offender. 

Once the student has successfully completed the program and earned their certificate of completion, they are rewarded by having the amazing opportunity to work with an experienced muralist in creating a mural.

This Mural Arts Program will teach the student: 

  • How to choose a wall 

  • How to become involved the community 

  • How to budget a mural project 

  • Place making and sense of place 

  • Drawing composition and layout 

  • Wall preparation 

  • Materials 

  • Maintenance manual and documentation

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